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Welcome to the VIB (very important buyer) section of TMT Toolbox.

Why you should register as a VIB

Buyers of industrial tooling and related items are special people at TMTtoolbox.  Although we do sell products to consumers, that’s not our focus.  The products we sell are intended for use in manufacturing and fabrication operations.  We were founded with the purpose of serving industrial buyers.  So, why register?  BENEFITS!

  • Special Pricing

    As a VIB, you buy more than regular consumers, which merits lower prices. To begin with, you'll receive at least a 10% discount.

  • Special Offers

    From time-to-time we will be able to make special, limited-time offers that will be extremely beneficial to our VIBs.

  • Special Information

    You are required to be very meticulous when ordering tooling. We will provide material that will help you in that process.

  • Custom Recommendations

    TMT Toolbox is the only tooling distribution company that is able to provide customized recommendations on tooling selection. Simply ask us to help, and we'll jump right in.

VIB Registration

Registration is easy.  Simply provide us some information about yourself and your company.  It’s a one-time requirement, after which you become an official VIB.

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VIB Login

Once you’ve registered as a VIB, simply click the button below to access the benefits of your status.

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